The SFM Network Portfolio

Who we are.

The SFM Network is the single largest and fastest growing network of sports tourism facilities in the country & an unparalleled network of events, vendors, talent, and analytics.

Our facilities include Rocky Top Sports World, Myrtle Beach Sports Center, Hoover Met Complex, Elizabethtown Sports Park, Community First Champions Center...and more. Each year we host hundreds of tournaments and events and more than 20 million guest visits.

For CVB's & Sports Commissions - we're your product development partner. We can help you plan, fund, develop, and manage new indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Download our portfolio and use as a look-book resource as you plan your next facility.

For Event Owners - we have access to some of the premier sports facilities in the nation. Our destinations are in incredible locations, are professionally operated, and are ready to make your event a success! Download our portfolio to get the specs you need in PDF format as you consider booking one of our premier locations.

For Talent - we're searching for career oriented operators, business developers, and executives to join our ever-expanding network of nearly 500 team members. Download our guide to discover facilities across the country that are searching for talent.

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